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Making B2B Sales Easier.


hidden leads.

We help you get more leads from the traffic you already have. Did you know that 98% of the visitors to your website simply leave without ever contacting you? We help you identify who these visitors are in realtime.


Real time alerts.

We deliver this information in real-time alerts. Here are just a few of the data point we provide to you and/or your sales team:

  • Company Name, Address, Location
  • Pageview details and time spent detailing the buyer’s interest
  • Possible Contacts – Names, Titles, Phone Numbers, Email Address
  • Keyword & Referral Source
  • Campaign Information.

All of this information also integrates within our other features to give you a well rounded understanding of which prospects are ready to buy!

Knowledge is everything

prospects not responding?

It is like a crystal ball for your sales efforts. At its heart, Email Tracking can give you actionable insight into what happens after you hit send.

Even better, you get detailed information about each open, including:

  • Who opened it
  • When they opened it
  • Where in the world they are located
  • Even how many times…. every time they open your email
  • Even give you indication that they forward your email
  • You will know every time they visit your website and what they did while there.

This works not just email marketing tools, but also with individual emails sent from Google or Outlook.

You now have very powerful information about your prospects. This will allow you to make decisions on how and when to follow up, allowing you to create a bulletproof system for following up and maintaining contact. Ultimately, you’ll be able to increase the number of sales you make!

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Tracking Digital Footprints

The buying journey is no longer a linear path. Instead, there are curves, turns and twists throughout various phases of the sales cycle. The good news is that all of this activity creates “digital footprints.”

Imagine if you could follow and understand each one of those footsteps. You would have deeper understanding of who is close to buying – before your competition knows! You can now spend your time closing rather than guessing.

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